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Work Injuries

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While your workplace should be a safe environment as far as possible, accidents inevitably take place. If you’ve suffered a work injury, Jimmy Henry, MD, FAAPMR, of Midwest Spine and Pain in New Albany, Ohio, can help. Dr. Henry is a double board certified physician who specializes in interventional pain medicine and rehabilitation, and he has considerable experience in treating patients who have work-related injuries. Call Midwest Spine and Pain today to find out more.

Work Injuries Q&A

What are work injuries?

Work Injuries are any type of physical damage you suffer during work-related activities. The most frequently occurring causes of work injuries are:

  • Excessive lifting
  • Pushing and pulling
  • Holding, carrying, and throwing
  • Trips and falls
  • Being hit by an object
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Crush injuries

The most common injuries in the workplace are musculoskeletal injuries that cause neck, lower back, and joint pain.

Employers are legally obligated to ensure your working conditions are as safe as possible and adhere to minimum standards for your industry to prevent work injuries. 

You also have a personal duty of care to yourself and your colleagues to follow safe working practices at all times when at work.

Despite this, many people do still suffer injuries at work that require expert treatment and rehabilitation.

What should I do if I suffer a workplace injury?

When an accident happens, however minor, you should always report it to your supervisor. Make sure there’s also a written record of exactly what happened.

If medical attention is required, you need a doctor who has authorization from the state’s workers' compensation board so they can help you with a compensation claim. 

Dr. Henry has many years of experience in treating workplace injuries, and he and his team can help you with your workers’ comp claim.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation, or workers’ comp for short, is a type of insurance coverage that pays out if you get sick or suffer an injury because of your job. 

Your employer puts money into a workers’ comp fund that pays for the insurance, and every state in the United States has a workers' compensation board that handles claims and payments.

Workers’ compensation isn’t dependent on whether the injury was your fault or not, unless you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The payments are there to help you get through a difficult time and avoid hardship because of lost income or an inability to work.

If you feel your employer is to blame for your injuries, you should see a union rep or lawyer to discuss your case.

How are work injuries treated?

Treatment for your work injury varies depending on the kind of damage you suffered and its severity. Dr. Henry carries out a comprehensive exam and assessment of your condition before drawing up a treatment program for you.

Therapies you might need to undergo could include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Manual massage therapy
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Joint injections
  • Spinal Injections
  • Nerve Blocks 
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Pain Pumps
  • Work hardening programs

Dr. Henry also provides advanced treatments for more serious or nonresponsive work injuries, including a variety of nerve blocks and targeted steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulation, pain pump implantation, and minimally invasive surgeries like kyphoplasty.

For the most effective forms of treatment that get you back to normal in the shortest amount of time, call Midwest Spine and Pain today, or head over to Learn More!